14 - 16 February 2014
Venue: Russia, Krasnodar, Zipovskaya str, 5, Kuban Expocentre
15th Exhibition of floriculture and seed growing,
facilities for farmsteads and farming


The Krasnodar Region holds a leading position in agriculture. It ranks first among Russia’s regions for the production of grain, sugar beet, fruits and berries; second for the production of sunflower seeds, honey, eggs and meat; and third for the production of milk and vegetables.

Exhibition Sections

Farmstead and Farming

Seeds, planting stock
Selection, technologies of cultivation
Miniagricultural machinery
Garden tools, accessories
Watering and irrigation systems
Hothouses, hotbeds
Means of plant protection, fertilizers, top dressing

Landscape gardening

Gardening equipment
Small architectural forms and garden sculpture
Decorative reservoirs, fountains, falls
Stationary and mobile pools
Watering systems, drainage, lighting for gardens and pools
Products from wood, art forging
Country and landscape gardening furniture


Houseplants and flowers
Goods and accessoires for flower growing
Ceramics, glass, porcelain products, wickerwork
Fertilizers, soil mixtures
Specialized literature


Beehives and components
Veterinary medicines
Working clothes